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If you're tired of looking for a solution to a need, give us a call. It might suprise you, but the reason we exist is the result of frustration with others who offer their services, charge the earth and fail to deliver!

Of course, we'd like to earn some money or else we'd be living in a tent, hiding from partners!

We want to be able to go about the daily grind, meeting nice people, providing clever (cost-effective) solutions and feeling that we've met a need as a partner rather than as a predator!

Sound idealistic? Well probably, but so far there's been enough people to take us at our word, and enjoy our actions.


We're more than just a company, for not only can we draw on over one hundred years of IT, Communication, PA and Management skills between us. We can draw on a multitude of skills covering the following areas:

IT products, systems and services - Tivoli, Mac, Windows Server and Workstation, TCP/IP, Networking, Office, UNIX, Help Desk and Support, Roll Out, Development, etc.

Communication & Management - Customer Care, Vision Building, Web Design, Corporate Image, Management Skills, Project Management, Customer Focussed Training, Customised Training, etc.

PA/Sound/Video/Lighting - Why? Because we have the experience! You name it, we have probably done it, and enjoyed it go on give us a try, after after swinging a sound reinforcement system some forty foot in the air so that the conservationists wouldn't notice it, anything you have must be fun.

VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE - It certainly is, for we can even offer you a fully qualified and experienced Electrical designer/CAD operator/been there - seen it - done it type.

The bottom line is that we have access to a variety of extremely experienced people, all of whom have a proven track record in the real world. None of us are just out of training - but if you are, call us when you've had some experience as we always need more people to work with us.

Contakt Sound & Systems: